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DHC Prova Taishi Amperetang

DHC Prova Taishi CM01 Amperetang / Multimeter.
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DHC Prova Taishi Amperetang

DHC Prova Taishi CM01 Amperetang / Multimeter.

1.accurateDC/ACDigital measuring current hook table
2.High resolution:DC/AC 10mA (Stalls for the40ATime)
3.DCA Key to zero
4.Clamp diameter:23mm
5.Large-scale3 3/4 Location LCDdisplay
6.Quick strip show (20Secondary/second)
7.Measure voltage, resistance, frequency, conduction, and other functions
8.maximum/Min locking and reading
9.OM measure: 600V Overload
10.Single-knob operation

Clamp portion size: Most about 23mm
size: 183 (long) x 61.3 (wide) x 35.6 (high) mm
battery: 3 number AA,1.5V x 2
display: 3 3/4 LCD With analog line graph
Range Selection: Manually
Overload warning: The leftmost digit flashes
Current consumption: approximately 10 mA
Sampling rate: Per second 2Secondary (digital)
Per second20Secondary (Analog line graph)
Operating temperature: -10.C ~ 50.C
Working humidity: Less than 85%(Relative humidity)
Storage temperature: -20.C ~ 60.C
Storage humidity: Less than75% (Relative humidity)
weight: 190G (With battery)
annex:Portable bag, Brochures,1.5VBattery box.

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